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Lovingly handcrafted, personalised keepsakes.
Teacher Gifts
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Lovingly Handmade Ceramic Gifts

Touch their hearts and make them smile!

We lovingly design and handcraft our Artisan Ceramics from Earthenware clay and fire using traditional methods. Each piece is then painted and finished by hand before been glaze fired.

Designed in our Derbyshire and Yorkshire studios, all our ceramics are hand stamped with thoughtful quotes and make the perfect gift for all occasions.

Our Story so far...

Hello and welcome to Pookie - Wookie, We’re Auriel and Harriet, mother and daughter, co-founders of Pookie-Wookie.

Est in 2017, following the birth of Harriet's gorgeous little boy, her return to work was drawing closer and she decided to leave the corporate world behind so she wouldn't miss out on those precious moments like his first steps or words. So we decided to team together and combine both of our creative strengths and Pookie - Wookie was born!

Handcrafted with Love...

Our ceramics are handmade by us, here in the UK in our Derbyshire and Yorkshire based studios. They are rolled, stamped, cut, kiln-fired, hand painted, glazed then re-fired.

Each piece is beautifully unique and no two pieces will look the same, each has its own individual character and these qualities contribute to the charm and unique nature of the finished piece.

When Life gives you lemons... - Pookie - Wookie
Happy Bee Day - Pookie - Wookie
What happens at Grandma's, stays at Grandma's - Pookie - Wookie
Couple of Nuts - Pookie - Wookie